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Coal City Cabs (CCC) is a poverty reduction and pro-people transportation programme of the Enugu State Government, under the leadership of Barrister Sullivan Chime, with a private-public partnership framework involving the Enugu Catholic Diocese-owned Umuchinemere Pro-credit Micro-Finance Bank Ltd.

Coal City Cabs scheme is part of the greater strategic plan of the Enugu State Government to transform Enugu to a millennium model city with environmentally friendly transportation system, aimed at a general elevation of the living standards of Enugu State people. It empowers the poor and offers him/her the opportunity to own a brand new taxi by hire purchase without collateral.

Approved cars for the scheme
Two brands of cars have been approved by the Enugu State Government for this scheme. The cars are Nissan Sunny with 1.6 litre engine capacity and Suzuki Alto with 1.1 litre engine.

Features of the Nissan Sunny
Four passenger capacity (this is 3 behind and 1 in the front)
Factory fitted air-conditioner
Automatic gear system
Advertising bill board on the roof

Features of the Suzuki Alto
Three-passenger capacity (that is 2 behind and 1 in the front).
Factory fitted air-conditioner.
Automatic gear system
Advertising bill board on the roof

Prospective participants must certify the following condition to participate in the scheme:
You must have a current national card drivers
You must have validated your health condition: sight, heart, head etc.
You must have no criminal record
You must be a tax payer
You must be prepared to attend training and workshop for drivers in the scheme,
which is conducted from time to time.
You must submit to regular servicing of the vehicles at designated centers You must be prepared to sign an agreement to abide by all moral, road, safety, security and good behaviour codes.
You must open an account with Umuchinemere Pro-credit Micro-Finance Bank Ltd.

How to Benefit
The following steps are necessary to enable you participate in the scheme:
Purchase the application form with a non-refundable fee of N2, 5000 for the Nissan Sunny and N2, 500 for the Suzuki Alto. Fill and return the form to the CCC fleet management office at number 5/9 Ikwuato Street, Uwani Enugu.

You will be notified the date of screening upon submission of the filled application form at the fleet management office.

If your are successful at the screening, you will be required to make an initial deposit of N 100,000 for the Nissan Sunny or N 311, 000 for the Suzuki Alto depending on your choice of vehicle. The deposit will be used to reduce your total repayment.

You will be required to produce two guarantors to guarantee that you will be of good behaviour and will not default in the weekly installmental repayment to UP-MFB Ltd. The guarantors must be persons of integrity and must either be a Clergy, Traditional Ruler or Notable Government Official.

You must sign an agreement with UP-MFB Ltd on the terms and conditions of your loan repayment.

The taxi will be released to you after the above conditions are met. Upon successful repayment, UP-MFB will do a change of ownership of taxi in your name.

1. You will be required to repay over a period of 36 months for the Nissan Sunny and over a period of 2 years for the Suzuki Alto. (Please refer to repayment schedule for the graduated weekly repayment).

2. You will also be required to pay N20, 000 at the beginning of each year as administrative fee to UP-MFB Ltd; the fee for first year is already included in your initial payment. This is in addition to renewal of your Taxi's annual insurance premium. The insurance premium will be in three-installment pay annum.

The first installment of 50% will fall due at the end of January of each year, whereas the second and third installment of 25% each will be due at the beginning of the second and third quarter of the year respectively.

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