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News extra: For pushing him down, robbery suspect wants his victims prosecuted, demands compensation

A robbery suspect, who sustained spinal cord injury when he was attacked by his victims recently shocked police detectives interrogating him when he challenged them to bring his attackers to book.

The suspect allegedly belonged to a three-man gang that raided an expatriate home, but luck ran out on hen the expatriate and his wife returned home and caught him while looting. The suspect who was supposed to be the hunter was cornered by the husband and wife, and the wife out of annoyance allegedly pushed him down from the three-storey building. He landed on his back and allegedly broke his spinal cord.

The suspect who was weeping while narrating his ordeal said the couple should be arrested and prosecuted by the police.

"I know that I entered their home uninvited. I am a thief but I was not armed, why should the wife push me down?"

According to him, he had surrendered to the couple and had started pleading with them for mercy. He said the man ordered him to leave the house through the window. "And as I was trying to leave through the window, the wife, a white woman forcefully pushed me down and I broke my spinal cord, the couple still called in the police who picked me up".

He said he was shocked that the police failed to arrest the man and the wife for the damage they had done on him. "I am useless as you can see, am not better than a dead man. I will now be confined in a wheelchair if I even survive the pains. Is it not better for me to die than to remain a vegetable," he queried. He wants the police to bring the white couple to book."Can a black man do this kind of wickedness to a white man in his land and go unpunished? This type of attitude by our policemen should stop. Why should they allow the couple to go unpunished", he queried.

Turbo, who regretted the day the robbery was organized said he was a commercial bus driver who was getting his daily bread from the business. He said while he was working, he met one James who introduced him to Paul. He said James and Paul were working for the white couple and they told him they intended to rob the couple and needed him to join them in the deal.

He said they succeeded in convincing him to join the robbery when they told him that the couple had expensive things such as laptops, GSM, trinkets and other personal effects.

He said on the fateful day, he had succeeded in climbing to the white couple's bedroom where he intended to steal the goods.

He said while he was making attempts to start looting the house, the couple came in and met him in their bedroom.

He said he was confused on what to do as he was not armed until the man ordered him to leave through the window."As I was trying to climb down, the wife pushed me down. Why should she be wicked to do that to me, pushing me down from a three-storey building. I think she had the intention of killing me. She thought I would die. So, that was why the police must bring the couple to justice."

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