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My Internship in Germany Will Help Improve My Work, Says Ekete

In December 2009 the Managing Director of Umuchinemere Pro-credit Microfinance Bank Nigeria Limited, Enugu, Mrs. Nnenna Maria Ekete, went on one month training at PAX-Bank, Germany. During the duration of the course she had a news interview with the newsletter of PAX Bank. Below is the excerpt of the interview, as reproduced by The Listener:

PAX-BANK: Mrs. Ekete, you do an internship at Pax-Bank, what is your daily work?

Mrs. Ekete: I have an organized timetable for my daily activities at Pax Bank. Firstly, I worked in Foreign Clients branch. This was followed with understudying of the activities of the Departments Compliance and Prevention of money Laundering. Subsequently I was sent to Koln Branch to understudy the activities of Cashiers and how cash work are being done, including transfers. After my stay at Koln branch I was sent to Internal Audit and to Asset Management Department where I am currently deployed to work. I hope that before the end of my one-month stay I may have gone round the other departments. I have also worked at Aachen Branch where international transfers are being done.

PAX-BANK: Mrs. Ekete, you are form Umuchinemere Pro-credit Microfinance Bank Nigeria Ltd, Enugu Nigeria. What does your daily work at Umuchinemere involve?

Mrs. Ekete: I am the Managing Director/Chief Executive. As MD I am a Board member and help the Board to make strategic plans and policies that drive the organizational goals. As a staff, I am in charge of day to day running of the bank, making sure that the policies by the Board are implemented, including UPMFB relationship with the outside world, like Central Bank of Nigeria, Nigeria Deposit and Insurance Corporation, Pax-Bank, etc. PAX-BANK: What is unique about Umuchinemere?

Mrs. Ekete: The unique things about Umuchinemere are that it is Catholic Church-oriented bank and they make money work for them. The trust the Government and people have on the church also drives it. The bank listens to the need of clients and brings up innovative products that satisfy customers’ need. Another unique thing is the method of Market Penetration whereby they make use of the Church, the Igwe’s and chief’s or members of the Ruling Council to get their market share with their innovative, dynamic and diversified products.

PAX-BANK: What is unique about Pax-Bank in your opinion?

Mrs. Ekete: the unique thing about Pax-Bank is that it is owned by the church and serves specified clients. Their clients are the church and its affiliates, schools, hospitals, priests etc and they maintain the same standard and the clients in turn are satisfied. Another unique thing is the interest of Pax-Bank in touching the lives of so many poor people in AFRICA and that is why someone like me from Nigeria can sit comfortably for one month understudying Pax-Bank activities with a view to improving on our ways of doing things in Microfinance Bank in Nigeria so as to increase productivity.

Pax-Bank: Will this internship be useful for your future work in Nigeria, particularly regarding your links to Pax-Bank? From what did you benefit most notably? And what are your expectations regarding Pax-Bank?

Mrs. Ekete: Yes the internship will go a long way towards improving my work as MD in Nigeria in these areas:

  • Understanding that improvement of the working conditions of employees.
  • Team work and team spirit in an organization increase productivity.
  • Employment of knowledgeable persons to man departments also improves productivity.

  • NOTE: Pax-Bank has dedicated itself to sustainable productive investments for many years now. In an increasingly complex world it endeavouring to adapt its diverse investment products and own investments to the Christian ideals. Moreover, by its rules of conduct in the Ethics Codex, Pax-Bank is obliged to deal with all clients, employees and partners in a responsible manner.

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