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UP-MFB Chairman Heads Ethics West Africa Survey

Chairman of Umuchinemere Pro-Credit Microfinance Bank Limited, Enugu, Very Rev. Prof. Msgr. Obiora lke, has added a new feather to his fitted cap. The icon of our contemporary time was very recently named as the Regional Co-ordinator of the West African Ethics Survey, a task considered very vital in the social, economic and political life of the sub-region.

Founder of the African Business Ethics Network, Prof. Deon Rossouv, announced the appointment of Msgr. Ike at a recent event of the African Business Ethics Network.

The main thrust of Ike's new task is to find institutes of ethics in West Africa, promote corporate social responsibility, encourage governmental activities and efforts on transparency and accountability.

He is also to initiate and evolve ethics revolution that will place responsibility and rationality as the pivot of human activities within the sub-region.The survey was charged with the responsibility to set up libraries and supervise research places of ethics.

A well-travelled prelate, firm protagonist of human development and known promoter of African culture, tradition, peace and justice, Prof. Ike sees the new assignment as a worthy challenge that must be happily and satisfactorily accomplished.

He is also the Director of Catholic Institute for Development, Justice, Peace and Caritas (CIDJAP) Enugu and former Vicar General of Enugu Catholic Diocese during the trial period of the church under a despotic political regime in Enugu State in 2001/2002 when he stood firm in defence of the church and against crimes against humanity.

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